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The commissioners of the Protestant Church in Württemberg for topics of 'Weltanschauung' offer:

  • information about cults, so-called sects, religions, and topics of "Weltanschauung"

  • assistance in evaluating different forms of belief, orientation for one's own
    christian faith in the dialogue with religions, ideologies, and other worldviews

  • consultation and christian counseling in conflicts connected with
    cults, religious tensions, and related problems; Contacts to initiatives in this field, and to Self-Help groups

For this purpose, the Protestant Church in Württemberg appoints two full-time commissioners (Beauftragte für Weltanschauungsfragen). Their work forms a section of the Protestant Community Service of Württemberg. They cooperate with a network of experts and non-professional delegates throughout the Protestant Church in Württemberg. The network forms an organisation called "Arbeitsgemeinschaft Weltanschauungsfragen"

Arbeitsstelle für Weltanschauungsfragen

Pastor Annette Kick
Phone: Germany 0711 229363 276
E-Mail: annette.kick@elk-wue.de

Dipl. theol. Svenja Hardecker
Phone: Germany 0711 229363 236
E-Mail: svenja.hardecker@elk-wue.de

Elfriede Staib
Phone: Germany 0711 229363 237
E-Mail: elfriede.staib@elk-wue.de


"Markt der Weltanschauungen"

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